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GDMK - Gendemik Digital Productions


Gendemik Digital Productions

Networking Towards A Bright Green Future!





New breed of netlabel strictly for those that are fellow techno rogues and do not wish to conform to the curent in trends. We are on the hunt for new and also seasoned artists, producers etc, to work with.

Gendemik: "We have finally put plans into motion and we are very much going ahead with it full bore. AngryRabbit Records is and will be run as a subsidiary of Gendemik until further notice". 

Genres: Tech house, Techno (wide spread), Electro Tech. (Got to get that shuffle on plus the more underground, the better!) 


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On Tha Stream


Xperimental First Session - 16th Nov Live Stream

Hey it's been awhile since we updated the live and upcoming event here. Sorry but we have been deep in networking and starting up a label. Starting this Sunday, the 16th of November is a new passage into the world of the guys from Club Reset.....




Lates Track Release


GC SYSTEM - Out Of Mind EP



Latest Podcast Releases


Moodwerkz 009 - TomTom

MW009 - TomTom

Here we go fellow lovers of techno, Moodwerkz episode 009 is in das huas yo! This episode brings a talented Irish Dj/artist by the name of TomTom. Be prepared to be taken off on a different angel with this mix, but most definitely turn up the bass, close the curtains, turn on your disco lights and enjoy this bangin' belter!! ;)

Audiologik Cluster Vibes 001

Audiologik CV001

Hey everyone here's episode 1 of a brand new series mixed by AUDIOLOGIK. Cluster Vibes will be moving away from our usual podcast genres and taking us on a solo journey into the mind of Audiologik.

Please take your time to read.

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